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This site covers the recent history of British baseball.

The aim of this website is to, eventually, have a record of final league standings, playoff and finals results.

As you will see, there are many gaps and incomplete years, so if anyone reading this can fill in any gaps, for instance, league tables, playoff results etc then please contact me.


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The rosters of National champion clubs from 1985 - 2008 are now complete. They can be found by clicking on "year by year" on the menu to the left, then simply choosing the relevant season.



I've started adding the rosters for the past National Champion clubs. This should be fairly straightforward until 1985, when things get more difficult. So if anyone still has old finals programmes or scoresheets, let me know so I can add them to the website.




This year sees a few changes to the National League. Hertfordshire Falcons are in but the Northern clubs are out, having decided not to compete at the highest level this year, meaning there will be just five teams in the NL for this season. More.



**Classic finals article**

Joe Gray of the GB Scorers Association has written an article on Classic post-war finals, which can be found here.




I recently discovered that three-time National champion Liverpool Tigers were previously the Liverpool Robins, winners of the first post-WWII Championship in 1948.

Thanks to Joe Gray of the GB Baseball Scorers Association for providing me with this info.



The Project for the Chronicling of British Baseball (Project Cobb) has been officially launched. Project Cobb's home is on the new Great Britain Baseball Scorers Association website, and can be found at

The overarching aims of Project Cobb are to serve as a central repository for different pieces of research into the history of British baseball (from when it was first played under modern rules to the present day), to publicise research efforts, to make findings available in the public domain and to promote record keeping. Towards this goal, there is a central research registry and a list of project collaborators, which will make it easier for people with information to share to find the best people to contact.

If you are interested in getting your research project added to the registry or if you would like to become a collaborator, contact details can be found on the website. Please also get in touch if you are interested in starting a piece of research and want to discuss ideas.




It's not a lot, but this decade deserves to be covered. I only wish I had more info to add!



I would like to write a page on baseball in the 1950's. If anyone has anything from this era, like league tables etc I would be interested in reading it.



A big thank you to Dan & Jane Santos for sending me the 1986 finals programme I've been after for many years!




Under the "European Tournaments History" section you'll find details of continental tournaments, both club and country, that are organised by the sports governing body in Europe,  The CEB. 



**London Mets repeat as National champions**

They defeat Richmond 11-4 to win their second straight title.  Story here.



**National team forced to withdraw from Olympic qualifying tournament**

Due to lack of funds, the Great Britain team has been forced to withdraw from an Olympic qualifying tournament in Taiwan.  Germany will replace them.   Read the story here.



**European Championships** 

Great Britain finish second to the Dutch

It's the best the National side have done in the European Championships for years. Results.