Saturday National League



Back in 1987, the British Baseball Federation started a six team National League to try and increase the popularity of the game here in the UK.  It was a similar idea to the Mattessons League  that operated  in 1977.

It got a big boost in sponsorship by Scottish Amicable, which gave the league, and British baseball, something it rarely ever had, a major sponsor.

Six teams were specially created for the new league. They were in actual fact all-star teams representing the strongest regions: London, Nottingham, Hull and Liverpool, and took their players from teams in those leagues.

All games were played on Saturdays, rather than the usual Sundays, and played in proper stadiums in front of paying spectators.

The league lasted only three seasons, and although it did expand by two clubs in it's final year, it never really achieved what it set out to do - improve baseball's popularity in the UK.

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